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vegetable box delivery in Brisbane

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Why will your family love Farmbox?

Great Value for Money

With less overheads than the supermarkets and over 5 years experience in the industry, we can access better quality produce for a lower price — which means more value for the customer.

Keeps Your Family Healthy

It goes without saying that we should ALL be eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Farmbox makes it easier than ever to enjoy farm-fresh produce.

Delivered To Your Door Every Tuesday

Less time at the shops equals more time with your family and you'll be pleased to know that you are also supporting a local business. Thank you!

vegetable box delivery in Brisbane

Our Story

For over 5 years we have been purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables at the Brisbane Produce Markets for the childcare industry. Occasionally, we would be asked to supply produce for a staff member or family as a gift.

The families began to order every week because they loved the convenience of collecting their weekly fruit and vegetables while picking up their children from childcare. We now deliver produce to over 300 centres every week in Brisbane.

Due to the rapidly increasing demand for a service like this to become available for home delivery, we've finally decided to give the public what they've been asking for...

Quality farm-fresh produce delivered to your doorstep at the same cost as the supermarkets!

- Raymond Bondzulic

Director, Farmbox



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